What Does It Take to Work in Life Insurance?


Curious about this industry? Check out what it takes to work in life insurance.

Believe it or not, the retail life insurance industry is not an easy one to break into or succeed in. Although there is high competition among agents in filling America’s life insurance needs, almost everyone needs insurance of some form, whether that is auto, life, home or business. Perhaps you’re a curious student looking to break into insurance or simply someone who is trying to understand the industry in the early days of training. Whatever your situation, check out what it takes to work in life insurance.

The Sale

You may be tempted to head into a different field within the insurance industry, but note that a life insurance agent is like no other. Compared to most products and services, life insurance can be a hard sell, but an incredibly rewarding one at that. Talking about death can be incredibly morbid, but it’s essential to educate clients in why they need life insurance to protect their family when they are no longer around to do so. Simply getting a prospect to acknowledge and discuss the fact that he or she is going to die is the hardest step. Fortunately, after that, clients tend to appreciate the help and want to buy a policy. To sell life insurance, vast knowledge, impeccable communication, and personable skills are ideal.

The Salary

If you’re getting into the insurance industry just for the money, don’t. The vast majority of life insurance sales jobs are straight commission, causing many to leave their positions as agents within the first twelve months. However, don’t get discouraged. Some companies do offer their sales reps employee status, which comes with a small base salary and benefits.

The Stamina

Since the insurance industry is highly competitive, effort and energy are key. An agent who doesn’t strive to make a sale with each and every prospect is unlikely to be motivated in what they are doing, and therefore be unsuccessful. To keep your energy up, aim to have a constant flow of prospects, avoid spending your time with those who are uninterested, and become a valuable resource to those you meet. An agent’s beginning years may require long hours, but may eventually pay off in delivering new avenues of leads.

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