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National Life Insurance Solution Organizational Overview

This overview of National Life Insurance Solution will cover our market, about us, and the types of products we provide. It will also cover our qualified lead system, training, and compensation.

Our Market

  • Fact: U.S. Life & Annuity market in 2015 reported revenue exceeding $ 814 billion
  • Fact: In 2012 LIMRA estimated the unmet life insurance need in the U.S. $15 trillion
  • Fact: 40% of Americans, roughly 120 million people have no life insurance.
  • Fact: 44% of life insurance are employer plans consisting of low limits, and if you lose your job you lose your coverage.
  • Fact: 70% of U.S. households say they would have trouble with everyday expenses if the primary wage earner were to pass away.
  • Fact: More that 50% of those interviewed stated that they would rather work with a person than to purchase insurance from the internet.

Who We Are

  • National life Insurance is an organization of independent life insurance agents and agency builders.
  • Our President is Chris Wright.
  • We partner with insurance carriers to provide our agents the best competitive products.
  • Our agents follow up on people who have requested information regarding coverage.
  • Using our lead system, our agents can build a solid client base quickly.

Our Products

  • Our product line consists of Mortgage protection, term and universal life insurance, final expense, annuities, critical illness, and disability coverage.
  • We have partnered with over a dozen of the strongest insurance companies to bring our agents a vast portfolio of the industry’s top insurance solutions. With our full line of insurance companies and products, our agents can help all of their clients, even if they have existing health complications.

Our Lead System

How we create qualified leads: Researchers collect data, letters are printed prepared and mailed, out of 100 people 98.5 will decide they aren’t interested – 1.5% will decide this is coverage their family needs, fill the form out, and mail it back- leads are uploaded for distribution – our agents contact leads to set up an appointment.

Our Training

Our training system consists of:

  • Podcast network, so you can receive training on-demand
  • Regional sales training meetings, so you can receive live training from industry best
  • Direct access to our executive coaching team who possess expertise in all of our products
  • A complete on-line training program and
  • Our agent concierge program


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