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Are you searching for a great career?

Would you like to be your own boss?

Do you finally want to get paid what you are worth?

Are you ambitious and relentless?

Have you did what your parents told you do, did everything by the book, worked hard, studied harder, got a degree and now either can’t find a good job or found a job and now find yourself and working for lousy boss, making a lousy income stuck while stuck paying back those lousy student loads?

Do you feel overworked and underpaid?

Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and always dreamed of being your own boss?

Do you finally want to get paid what you are worth?

Have you just about given up as you realize that it takes money to make money and well…you just do not have the funds to start a business?

Have you considered a job in sales or perhaps already work in sales?

Car sales… been there done that, lets see you find yourself sitting on an empty car lot all day, then when it’s time to get off from work, a customer comes on the lot.

Well of course now you must stay, I mean its commission pay, you need this sale. So though you have been at work since 9 am and now its 6 pm you stay and help the customer, who wants to test drive every car on the lot, which you oblige because you really want…(clear your throat)..NEED to make this sale.

Finally the customer settles on the most expensive car on the lot, and your eyes bulge as you envision a huge commission. It’s now around 7:30 pm and you take your customer in to do the paperwork, but first you have to run his credit, and then the feeling of despair fills your soul as you see the customer’s credit score of 450.

Meanwhile it’s 9 pm, you have worked all day, only had one customer come on the lot, stayed late, and didn’t get paid a dime…only to go home and get up the next morning to do it all over again, It’s a vicious cycle!

Or maybe you currently work in or are considering a career in Real Estate…been there done that.

But wait you have to worry about the slow season, and lets not forget the economy. Every month you are steadily nervous, wondering when the next housing crisis will be that will indelibly scare off every buyer on planet.

Problems come up at the last minute, and you must think and act quickly. Financing does not come through, the home fails the inspection, if you are the buyer’s agent and the seller won’t come down off the price to your client it’s your fault. If you are the sellers agent, you client will get angry at you for trying to convince him to sell the house for cheaper.

It can take some time to get your business off the ground and close your first sale. New real estate agents should be prepared to go without a paycheck for several months. Depending on market conditions, real estate can be a feast-or-famine business with paychecks coming at irregular intervals.

Buying and selling homes is stressful for your clients. Things don’t always go as planned and deals sometimes fall through. Helping parties come to the terms of a sale often hinges on factors you have little or no control over, such as mortgage rates, appraisals, and inspections.

If you have a desire to be your own boss, want to own your own business with essentially no overhead, and ready to finally have a chance at financial freedom then you are at the right place at the right time and I encourage you to pay close attention.

I’m Chris Wright, Entrepreneur & Salesman

Hello everybody, my name is Chris Wright and I am a serial entrepreneur and salesman. I have owned several businesses including a fitness training center rightly named ChrisFit as well as a well know restaurant franchise.

I graduated from college with a degree in political science and quite honestly found out shortly after that my degree was useless. As I fumbled around trying to make good use of my degree I was in for a rude awakening thinking education was the key.

I decided to continue my studies and I went back to school and got my MBA from Norwich University. Though I treasure my college experiences, quite frankly my degrees were not the golden ticket I was led to believe it would be while growing up.

Out of college I worked as a used car salesmen while trying to find my niche. Shortly after realizing that used cars was not it I got my real estate license and set out to be a real estate mogul in the great state of California.

Of course, with the housing crisis and financial woes of the economy I had to move on in search of greener pastures. Eventually I stumbled upon insurance and found my passion in Life insurance specifically.

Learning From The Mistakes Of Others

Today I own a successful Life Insurance organization made up of independent agents. The road wasn’t all ways filled with success and I have had my fair share of pitfalls which has inspired me to develop this organization. Though I have 2 degrees, I can tell you that no class has taught me as much about business than trial, error, and disappointment.  As the saying goes “smart people learn from their mistakes but truly wise people learn from the mistakes of others.”

I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in restaurant franchises as a traditional entrepreneur running a brick and mortar operation.

I soon realized that if you are going to be a doctor, lawyer or engineer that a college degree is essential, But for me, my degrees were not all that helpful in getting me the great career I imagined I would have.

Life Insurance is the most essential coverage that everyone should have, With car insurance, that fact that you get it is no guarantee that you will ever have a car accident. Or with Homeowners insurance, that fact that you got it does not guarantee that your home will ever burn down.

But with Life Insurance, the fact remains whether you have it or not, it is a guarantee that you will die someday, it’s not a question of If it is when.

The first key to being any kind of salesperson is to sell something that everyone needs.

The second key is to sell a product that you believe in and that will help people.

The third key is to sell something that will enable you to make money even when you are not selling it.

The fourth key- sell something that will not become obsolete or vulnerable to technological advances.

Life Insurance Can Unlock The Door To Your Success

Life Insurance with the right organization can provide the keys that unlocks the door to success and financial freedom as it did for me.

I know what it’s like to work a dead end job.

I know what it’s like to be hungry for success but filled with self-doubt and a little hopelessness.

I know what it feels like to work harder and harder while often it seems like you are getting a lesser result.

I know what it feels like to wish someone would take me under their wing and just show you how.

I know all of these things because I WAS that person and now I am the person who wants to take you under my wing and show you how.

“Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit.” Napoleon Hill

“You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.” Samuel Levenson

I Want To Share My Experiences With You

It is my intention to share with you my experiences and tried and true methods that have enabled me to finally grasp success. It is my hope that you will take heed to these lessons and incorporate them into your life and your business as I am confident that you will bear the fruit of your labor.

This has inspired me to establish National Life Insurance  We are an organization of independent life insurance agents. Our Mission is to engage, enhance, and empower agents by developing and broadening their skills, abilities and knowledge base while guiding them in the process of building a successful life insurance business.

Now what this is NOT is a get rich quick scheme or a promise from me that I will change your life. The truth is that it is going to take hard work and dedication on your part and even more true is the fact that no one can change your life but you.

But what is also true is that I am confident that if you dedicate yourself to changing your life and you work hard and you take advantage the opportunity that I am providing you here then I am confident that you will reach your goals and realize your dream of financial freedom.

It is important to note that I am not looking for just anyone or everyone. I am not looking for just good listeners instead of seeking individuals who are coachable and teachable and ultimately doers.

The difference is people who just listen often just nod their heads in agreeance but do not act. Those who are coachable and teachable will act and do even when they do not want to act or do something.

I am sure there are some people right now that are nodding their head agreeing, yet at the end of this presentation they still will not act! There will simply continue to complain about their circumstances, hating their job, their boss, their work hours, their pay, yet refuse to do anything to change it. I can guarantee you now, complaining is not the answer.

I can promise you this. If you commit yourself to being the best you can be then you will be financially free. This means persevering through the frustration and disappointment.

Achieving Financial Freedom

I think being financially free is a common theme that most people share and hope to achieve someday.  Financial freedom is not as much about actual money as it is about:

  • living on your terms, not checking in with a “boss”,
  • being able to live in the home of your choosing,
  • driving the type of car of your choosing,
  • and not being bound by a time clock, a cubicle, or a micro manager
  • or limited by financial restraints.

This is our goal, this our objective and this is what we as a team will pursue together as one.

Let’s not continue to WAIT for a magical solution to financial woes, Lets create our own magic, right here right now.

So I am sure at this point you are beginning to wonder, all of this sounds great but what’s the catch and how much does it cost?

I can tell you there is absolutely no catch or NO cost, aside from the investment you make in yourself

It is my intention to help you breakthrough mental barriers that make you think having financial freedom and a great career is not meant for you.

Those people who are looking for easy, get rich quick fairytales are not those who I wish to attract.

Introducing National Life Insurance Solution

If you are ready to take the leap to being your own boss and having the opportunity to truly achieve financial freedom, then let me tell you more about National Life Insurance Solution and who we are looking for.

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