Are you a IMO?

We are not an IMO, our IMO is Equis Financial.

Who are you?

We are an organization of Independent Life Insurance Agents. Our mission is to engage, enhance, and empower independent agents by developing and broadening their skills, abilities, and knowledge in the process of building a successful insurance business.

Why shouldn't I just sign on directly with Equis Financial?

You absolutely can, in any case, you will have a upline. The President of NationalLifeInsuranceSoluion.com is the organization’s upline. You will retain the right to create your own downline from day 1. You are your own boss in every way. You do not work for us, you work with us.

Why should I join NationalLifeInsuranceSolution.com?

Our commission scale, promotion guidelines are that in the same as Equis Financial. So you will receive all of the support, advantages, training, and access offered via Equis Financial.

NationalLifeInsuranceSolution.com is a value added organization, wherein we focus on helping independent agents succeed. We do this by assisting with exposure and lead generation. We have created an Agent Directory so clients and prospects alike can find your online presence. Each agent has a dedicated page, with a request a quote form. This encourages the casual prospect who may be just browsing to fill out a form, in which you will receive in your email.

How do you assist with leads?

We understand that leads are every agent’s lifeline, we also realize that many independent agents often have limited funds to purchase leads. We reward our agents with free leads as well as the option to purchase leads from us.

What if I do not have an insurance license?

We can help with that as well. If you are able to pass the exam within 4 weeks of purchasing your pre-license material and accepted into our organization,  we will reimburse you the amount of the pre-license material.

Are you in my state?

Our aim is to be in all 50 states.

As a new agent, what is my starting commission

New agents start earning 70% of their commission day 1. Agents, as they grow their business, will have the opportunity to earn up to 120% commission.

What types of polices do you write

We write whole life, term life, Indexed Universal life, and annuities. We specialize in simplified issue products, wherein the client does not need to take a physical or exam. Agents also can write fully underwritten policies if they are inclined

Who are your carriers?

We have over 25 carriers and growing. Some of our carriers are Mutual of Omaha, AIG, Athene, Phoenix, Foresters, and Gerber.