Chris Wright

Chris Wright is a serial entrepreneur and businessman. He is the chief visionary and strategist in the organization National Life Insurance Solution. Chris has extensive knowledge in team building and organizational development. His goal is to have ?every agent affiliated with our organization to not just be able to make a living, but make a life while helping people protect their families.? Chris truly believes ?if you help enough people get what they desire, then you will ultimately get what you desire?

?Vision without strategy remains an illusion? Lee Bolman.


National Life Insurance Solution is a dedicated team of independent insurance agents & field-underwriters. We are committed to providing citizens throughout the United States the best coverage that fits their NEED and their BUDGET.


Non-independent insurance agents work for the insurance company and can only provide you their product. Due to being made up of independent agents, we work for you, the client and with several insurance carriers. This enables us to provide you multiple options and flexibility in finding you the best coverage that meets your need and your budget.

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